Whatever the size of your project, we offer everything you’ll need.

Because every client is different and each brief is unique, so are our solutions. We understand that some of you will want a quick off-the-shelf solution, others will need a bespoke solution that integrates with their existing and unique management systems. Either way we’ll have a great solution and you can rely on our extraordinary expertise in this area. So if you think you need a bespoke solution click here or if you want a simpler off the shelf solution click here.

Why Choose Us?

Solutions have years of experience working on Intranets. Mostly, we have learnt that whilst every project is unique, they are some features that are common to them all. What we’ll do is listen to you and use our huge experience and expertise to make sure you’ll get a sensible, cost effective Intranet that works in the real world and that it’ll be delivered on time and within budget.

Email us on info@solutions.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0203 1742575