Mobile App Development


Mobile apps that add value to your business

Solutions are old hands at mobile app development, working with existing management systems and retrofitting legacy systems… in short, we provide a fully tailored mobile app service that meets your needs. This expertise makes us a perfect partner for anyone looking to integrate their services with a mobile app. We won’t just show you what a mobile app could do for you — we’ll put it into the context of your existing skills and investments.

Solutions develop content rich mobile apps for IOS, Android, and Windows . Our focus is not games or novelty apps but mobile apps that act as a business enabler.





How we work

Solutions’ mobile app development team has much industry intelligence and an excellent technological background which gives us the perspective to deal with mobile app development on any kind, be it related to e-business, brand-new mobile apps, or upgrading of the existing mobile apps.

We work closely with our clients. Our developers make sure that they understand your business objectives before proposing any solution. This helps us to offer an excellent service, customised according to your needs, and within the budget you specify.  When producing a mobile app, Solutions believe in working transparently and in fully sharing our expertise with our clients in an open and hands-on manner. Our process is built on regular communications and setting expectations for the mobile app with clients before beginning a task. We prefer to make little course corrections rather than making big ones, which saves time and money and ensures that you enjoy the production of your mobile app.

Email us on or call our friendly team on 0203 1742575