Working with both B2C and B2B, our web portal development services might just be the answer your company needs. They can save you money, improve business processes and ensure better customer retention.


Customer/client benefits 

Our web portals focus on self-service by putting people in control of their experience. Improving the way your customers/clients interact with your business is a crucial part of business development – it is one of many great retention strategies. In addition, it can help tremendously with enhancing customer experience. Self-service is very appealing, with statistics showing that 40% of consumers now prefer self-service over human contact. You might even find that building a customer self-serving portal seems more appealing to new prospects and can help your acquisition.


Furthermore, we specialise in API integration, so we can integrate with any existing systems you use. This can be appealing to clients/customers as everything they need will be accessible on one platform. Improving business processes and creating a more streamlined platform. 


Employer benefits 

Web portals are cost-effective and can help your business save money during difficult times. Building a web portal can organise your staff. They’ll have better access to the information they need, potentially improving their work performance. Also, customer self-service can take tasks out of your employee’s hands. Your staff can use this gained time on more important tasks.


Staff benefits 

Not only do web portals benefit customers, clients and employers, but they are also great for staff as they provide better management and collaboration opportunities. Our web portals are proficient in integrating data and information in one place. This can be great for accessing client info, training material, shift schedules and support tickets. This type of integration can benefit staff by reducing e-mail traffic and saving time. The days of scrolling to find e-mail threads and using multiple platforms will be no more. Organisation is key for any business. A tidy workspace equals a tidy mind.


And if all that was not enough, we can help fix and develop your current portal if it has run into some problems. Often, we take on projects which have come to a halt.

Whatever the size of your project, we offer everything you’ll need.

Because every client is different and each brief is unique, so are our solutions. We understand that some of you will want a quick off-the-shelf solution, others will need a bespoke solution that integrates with their existing and unique management systems. Either way we’ll have a great solution and you can rely on our extraordinary expertise in this area. So if you think you need a bespoke solution click here or if you want a simpler off the shelf solution click here.

Why Choose Us?

All in all, if your customer retention rates are dropping or you need a better system in place for organization/communication, then you have come to the right place. Solutions have years of experience working on Extranets and Portals, we are confident we will be able to deliver your project on-time and in-budget. For a rapid, bespoke solution to meet your needs, just get in touch.

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