SPARK Web Portal and Extranet


SPARK is a powerful, flexible, off-the-shelf web portal platform.

At its core, Solutions’ SPARK portal is a quick win, easy-to-use platform for sharing documents with your clients. Simple as that. Whatever the documents you need to share securely – invoices, contracts or other important information – SPARK web portal will get you up and running quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Then start adding addition functionality such as news feeds, calendars, timelines, social media, call logging. You name it, we’ll have a solution that works for you and your budget.

Why Choose Us?

Solutions have many years of experience working on extranets and portals. Mostly, we have learnt that whilst every project is unique, they are some features that are common to them all. So we developed Spark web portal so that you get a “quick win” portal solution customised to your exact needs.

What we promise is that you’ll have a sensible, cost effective portal that works in the real world and that it’ll be delivered on time and within budget.


    • Password challenge
    • HTTPS
    • Forgotten Password
    • User management


    • Access control
    • Upload documents
    • Search
    • Metadata


    • Support
    • Hosting
    • Analytics
    • Maintenance


    • News
    • Calendar
    • Social media
    • Polls

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