Time-lapse systems

Time-lapse systems: they never go wrong, right?

Pretty much. Our time-lapse systems just don’t go wrong.

Time-lapse Solutions install the camera, set-up the data management, sort out the power and then that is it. Then your time-lapse system just rolls through to the end of the project, simple as that.

Except on really rare occasions, things can go wrong. And it is normally totally outside Time-lapse Solutions control outside the control of you – the customer.

The most common issue is the sun or the complete lack of it. More and more of our customers prefer to go the solar route. For all sorts of reasons – convenience, lack of site power, or simply that it is better for the environment. We have worked so hard to extend the length of our time-lapse batteries. We use the best batteries, the most efficient solar panels, timers, low energy cameras and routers. You name it we have done it. Absolutely everything we possibly can. Our systems have a battery life of 140 hours. That is very good. We don’t know anyone who can match that.

But most of our systems are in the UK and, in the winter, there can be those weeks when the sun just does not come out. Days after days of grey skies. No light. No sun. And sometimes, rarely, but sometimes the solar panels just do not have enough sun and light to charge the camera.

So how do Time-lapse Solutions deal with the British winter weather? Simple. We monitor your system 24/7. Every five minutes. And we’ll know exactly if there is a problem. And we’ll have a plan to resolve it. Whether it is changing the battery or just waiting for the sun to come out again, you can guarantee your time-lapse system will be up and running again in no time.

Automatic monitoring is really important, essential even. Sadly most time-lapse companies do not offer it. And if they don’t, you could be days, weeks, even months without knowing that your time-lapse system is down. And that would be very bad news indeed. For you. For your company. And for the project.

So in short, if you need a reliable time-lapse system that you can be certain will be running all the time then, quite simply, you need Time-lapse Solutions.