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Drone Solutions is a leading UK Drone Services Company. Our CAA approved pilots work on commercial projects in all industries. And our drone footage is used for surveys, inspections, inventories and marketing. Our clients include some of the biggest names in property, logistics, infrastructure, engineering, sport and fashion. What they all have in common is that they trust us to make sure they have the right solution for them, delivered safely when they need it and at the right price. That’s why they come back to us again and again.


Get an instant online quotation for your drone flight project in less than a minute. No need to email or talk with anyone. (Although we’d love to speak to you as well!)

Aerial Photography (Drones)


Nothing beats a cinematic and professional-looking drone film. Our drone pilots can shoot stunning visuals to the highest quality. The type of aerial photography we achieve can be great for showing the scale of your project on a press release or marketing film.



Our Drone Services


All of our Drone Operations are CAA authorised and our partners are in a suggested 1-2% of the nation’s operators who have the privilege to

  • a) fly further up than the norm (600 feet rather than 400)
  • b) fly down to 10 metres from uninvolved persons (the norm is 50 metres)

Furthermore, we are insured for up to £5,000,000 in line with UK retained EU regulation (EC) 785/2004.

What benefits can drone photography bring?


Firstly, drones can give you access to hard to reach places. Providing you footage from angles you would not be able to capture normally. Making them very versatile. They also make very little noise. As a result of their minimal interference, they are ideal to use on-site and are fine to operate near animals. They will not cause disruption or distraction.

How does it work?

Once we have introduced ourselves, we will learn a bit more about your requirements and what your goal is for your project. Whether your project is big, small, long term or short term, we will work to tailor our solutions to meet your goals, and will discuss a place, time, arrangements with you in further detail.


    • CAA authorised Drone Operations
    • Insured for up to £5,000,000 in line with UK retained EU regulation
    • Professionally trained drone pilots
    • Professionally trained camera operators


    • We agree camera location, movement, angle
    • We set it up
    • You view images


    • Fly up to 600 feet
    • Fly down to 10 metres from uninvolved persons
    • 4k or 6k video quality
    • 20MP for photos
    • JPG and DNG available as well as D-cinelike or D-log


    • Quite simply. We’ll do everything.
    • We’re professional
    • We’re efficient
    • We’re flexible
    • We’re insured
    • And most of all, we’re safe

Email us on info@solutions.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0203 1742575