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Drone Solutions are a leading drone services company. Of course, all our CAA approved pilots are experienced, likeable and easy to work with. But more importantly, we offer services like editing, inspections, surveys, inventories and 3D modelling. We are professional, reliable and you’ll get exactly what you asked for on time and within budget. If you want to create content for your marketing campaign, need a survey, an inspection or a 3D Model, or simply to capture the action of your event from the sky, give us a call for free advice on the best option for your project, whatever your budget.

Drone Footage for Marketing

Drone Solutions work with some of biggest brands in the World to provide footage for marketing campaigns from social media to film productions. Our footage can be used to either lead or complement your marketing campaign. We provide cinematic drone footage allowing us to show your product from a new perspective. Our work has been used on websites, social media, print, reports, exhibitions, outdoor advertising and TV. Whatever your project, we have probably done it before. Contact us today.

Drone Solutions - Droone Footage for Marketing
Drone Solutions Inspections

Drone inspections

Drone Solutions provide inspections and surveys of difficult-to-access structures including telecoms towers and wind turbines. We deliver an efficient, cost-effective and safer inspection process that can help mitigate risk, while you keep operations running as usual. We provide one-time uses, but also historical assessments. Many of our customers have opted to perform drone inspections annually or biannually to compare the condition of their equipment over time. We can safely inspect systems, such as wind mills, boilers, cable tray, cooler towers, electrical equipment, flare stack, pressure equipment, solar panels, storage tanks and other infrastructure. Drone Solutions will help you reduce your shutdown times.

Aerial Drone Surveys

Drone Solutions surveys are easier, safer and faster rather than traditional surveying techniques. We use the latest drone technology to capture high-resolution survey data, to create an accurate snapshot of your site so you can keep pace and make better project decisions. We Collect data in hours rather than days and we output in any format to give full data visualisation. Our survey services include Topographical & 3D Surveys, CAD Terrain Models, Stockpile Reports, Cut / Fill Reports.

Drone Solutions 3D Interactive Models

3D Interactive Models

Drone Solutions provides aerial modelling data to all industries – Construction, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Utilities and Government. We create 3D models of construction sites, agriculture, mining, and forestry. Our 3D models can be seen on a computer or through VR goggles. All Models are compatible with CAD/REVIT. We export in most formats including 3D Model (.obj, .las, .xyz) and PointCloud. We use photogrammetry; the science of making measurements from photographs. By taking thousands of images (3 acres requires approximately 500 photos), we create a realistic model. Every time we do this, we are amazed by speed which these models can be produced and their breath-taking quality and accuracy.

Plant Health

Drone Solutions Plant Health Services are specifically targeted towards agriculture users. We cover big areas quickly and pretty much instantly deliver you data so that you understand the current health position. We can adjust the contrast to highlight variability within a field. Once we have identified the relevant plant health ranges, our tool lets you quantify damage and predict yields by showing the area within a specific range. It is great technology, brilliant software and results are delivered quickly and at a great price.

Drone Solutions Plant health

Warehouse Inventory

Drones Solutions are helping logistics companies use warehouse drones as an auxiliary tool for stock control. It has considerable benefits, in terms of both logistics and cost. Our drones read barcode and RFID labels, from several feet away and can easily access goods located in high-bay racks. And this means you can do away with the need for some workers to take inventory manually and this means reduced costs. Talk to us to find out how warehouse drones can revolutionise your processes.


At Drone Solutions, we capture and share all of your events, from conferences, to parties, to exhibitions. We know our responsibilities and how important it is that your event is captured perfectly, so that you can enjoy the experience. We provide a range of services: live streaming, highlight videos, or content for your social media. We are a trusted, professional event video production company and we’ll work with you to assess the scope and purpose of your event to ensure the best possible coverage and delivery. We will accurately represent your brand and ensure that the filming element of your event runs smoothly, and to schedule, so that your event will look spectacular.

Drone Solutions Events

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