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A Time-Lapse Project – How it works

A time-lapse project is no small matter. However, at Solutions we’ll deal with all aspects of the project (or just the parts you need us to) so that it both works perfectly for you and is completely stress-free. Here is how we work in 5 simple steps.

1.        Start by talking to us
We believe in transparency and sharing our knowledge with our clients in an open, hands-on manner. Tell us your requirements; whatever they are, we can help. Whatever the project, we’ll find a solution – every single time.

2.        Site Visit
Next we make a site visit. We check the site and review every aspect of the project. By the time we leave site, we will have confirmed the camera location, data needs, power requirements and the method statement. Quite simply – you will have the best solution available.

3.        Planning and Safety
We complete a risk assessment and method statement for every project to ensure everyone’s safety and to guarantee the quality of work. We’ll agree the RAMS and the service level agreement before installation begins.

4.        Installation
Our installations happen at the date and time we agreed. No excuses. We work professionally, tidily, safely and with minimal disruption. When we leave you’ll never know we were there.

5.        Monitoring:
Once we install the time-lapse system, we monitor the time-lapse system using our automated management system to make sure everything is working properly. In the rare event there is a problem, you will be contacted immediately and we’ll agree a solution.

If you want a quotation for a time-lapse system whatever the project or if you just want to discuss the possibilities, please give us a call on 0203 174 2575 or email us at