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Time-lapse Photographers With Experience


We are experienced time-lapse photographers – with a portfolio of work ranging from construction, building, renovation into warehouses and other independent scientific projects. We are dedicated to delivering you the best service possible, and providing you with a professional-looking, clean-cut time-lapse film. We strongly believe there is no better time-lapse solution out there.


Long-term or short-term


Whether your project is long-term or short-term, we are dedicated to put a system together for you that will record your progress/development, whatever the weather.

In short, a time-lapse film can improve your project management. Our high-quality cameras and efficient systems will allow you to monitor your project’s progress from afar. And when you receive your completed time-lapse film, you can fully evaluate your project’s success and growth.

What benefits can a time-lapse production bring?

Time-lapse software (also referred to as hyperlapse) can serve you some great benefits for evaluating progression and development. Our systems can allow you to view real-time images of your project/site, meaning you can also have remote access and extra security when you are not there. A completed film with us can even be used for marketing material – showcasing your company’s hard work overtime can attract and impress your customers.

We believe we have the best cameras and systems for time-lapse out there. Whatever the weather, we will provide you with a clean-cut and professional-looking time-lapse film, come rain or shine.

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Creating a time-lapse video

Once we have introduced ourselves, we will learn a bit more about your requirements and what your goal is for this time-lapse film. Whether your project is big, small, long term or short term, we will work to tailor our solutions to meet your goals, and will discuss a place, time, arrangements with you in further detail.

Some features of our cameras include UHD quality, solar powering options, 24/7 monitoring. And top of all of that, our cameras have flexible purchase options, meaning you can rent or buy.


    • UHD Time-lapse Camera
    • Comms unit with router
    • Mobile or Internet
    • Local or cloud storage
    • Password protected portal
    • Time-lapse video


    • It could not be easier
    • We do a recce
    • We agree camera location
    • We install the camera
    • You view images
    • Er…that’s it.


    • Up to 20MP Camera
    • Power source up to 100m away
    • Solar (option)
    • Mobile signal is normally needed
    • Cabled (option)
    • Local storage (option)


    • Quite simply. We’ll do everything.
    • We’re professional
    • We’re efficient
    • We’re flexible
    • We’re insured
    • And most of all, we’re safe

Rent or buy

Not every project is the same, we get that. That is why we offer flexible purchase options to fit your needs. Our time-lapse/hyperlapse systems are available to rent or buy.


• Ideal for short projects

• Immediate availability

• Fully managed


• Ideal for long projects

• Custom-built

• Great value

Design Film Digital Solutions Time Lapse Systems
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A video production company with experience

If you are looking for an experienced video production company with time-lapse photographers who know what they are doing, you have come to the right place. Feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail or phone and we will provide you with a bespoke system tailored to meet your needs.

Email us on info@solutions.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0203 1742575