Royal Mail

Time Lapse
About This Project

The Royal Mail’s business is changing. Whilst they will always send letters to the remotest corners of the UK, more and more of their business is delivering parcels. This means that the use of space within their mail centres needs to be reviewed. It is no small task – the Royal Mail deliver billions of letters and parcels every year. That is why the Royal Mail asked Solutions to set-up and manage many time-lapse cameras in 4 of their busiest mail centres to review their use of space. The project was over three months, with many cameras and huge amounts of data. The results? The Royal Mail handles a lot of parcels very efficiently. Can there be improvements? Sure but it is pretty good now. It is an important project with massive amounts of data. But that is the work the Royal Mail do every day… And it is why they trusted Solutions to work with them on this critical business project.