Keith Plunkett

Our dear friend Keith Plunkett has died.

He was a genius. A nerd. The definition of a nerd. A brilliant programmer and problem solver. He could work in pretty much any computer language.

But he was also fluent in both cat and dog which he felt were much more useful languages. His love of other people’s pets was one of his most endearing features.

He had many talents – a shamefully under-appreciated sci-fi author, ex-world champion SimCity player, a fearless leader in Clash of Clans, probably the worst photographer I have ever met, an extraordinary memory for dates, names, directions, weather conditions and conversations from decades ago, a terrible driver and teller of long and entirely irrelevant stories.

But most of all Keith was a thoroughly good and caring person who always put others before himself.

We are going to miss you very much, Keith. we will miss your kindness, your compassion for others and your general decency. We hope you knew how much you were loved by so many people.