Time Lapse – Three great reasons why

Industry leaders now consider time-lapse is essential for any projects, big or small.

At Solutions we are experienced at making dynamic, attractive time-lapse films that enhance your profile but whats in it for you?

Firstly there is the marketing potential from having one of our films. Not only can you present this to future customers to showcase your work, but also to your client who also receives a copy of the film.

Secondly, Solutions use real-time monitoring which means that we can remotely alter images to your specifications and ensure everything goes perfectly. You can access the customer portal so you can check the status of your project anywhere in the world.

Finally, there is the security aspect, as out cameras provide you with a live feed whenever you log into the portal you can ensure health and safety regulations are being followed when surveying the area you want to film alongside giving you a full record of the build.

Re-shoots are not an option in time-lapse and Solutions hits the mark every time. We provide the right system, the right setup quickly and safely and for a great price too, so there is minimal fuss with your work.

This is why you work with Solutions.

We give you confidence in your project so you can present your work to customers, investors and stakeholders with ease.

For a quote on your project please email: simon.pritchard@solutions.co.uk
Or call: 01483 866066