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Time-lapse stories: where are the flying cars?

When I was a kid I used to be fascinated by comics with visions of the future. Some ideas looked amazing. Some looked terrifying.

And much has come to true… Amazon’s robot warehouses, push-button education, Apple’s wristwatch TV, a one world job market, electronic Christmas cards, wall-to-wall TV, genetically modified food, an all-seeing eye Police Department, bloodless surgery and much more…

Cars were, of course, central to our dreams. Electrical cars? Yep, no problem. Tesla has made a mesmerising time-lapse of the production line for the Model 3. Although not enough robots and too many people for me.


Driverless cars? Sure. Checkout this rather dull time-lapse video of the Tesla self-driving experience. Frankly, I want more excitement from my self-driving experience.


But what about flying cars? The future was supposed to be filled with them. But not even one prototype exists. No one is even close to building one. I guess the big question about flying cars that they haven’t solved is where the brakes would be. Seriously, how do you stop a flying car?

So whatever your time-lapse project, but particularly if you are building a flying car, we can provide you with a time-lapse solution that is perfect for your job. So if you would like a quotation or if you just want to discuss the future or possibilities of time-lapse, please give us a call on 0203 174 2575 or email us at info@solutions.co.uk.