Time-lapse in 5 Easy Steps – Webinar

Time-lapse In 5 Easy Steps – 17th November Webinar

A time-lapse production can sometimes seem like a huge project. There’s a lot of planning which needs to be put into place and questions you may have.


That’s why we put together monthly webinars to share our knowledge being time-lapse specialists, with businesses like yourselves. We hope that you can take away some useful information that you can apply to future projects and ask any lingering questions you may have!

What to expect

Our webinar will take you through best practices and the processes behind a time-lapse production. Covering the 5 key steps to success:


1) The Technology – how time-lapse works.

2) Location – the good, the bad and the ugly.

3) Power – not as simple as it sounds.

4) Timings, connectivity, storage and video.

5) Site monitoring, your film and marketing generally.

Bonus: How much will it cost?


Please note we host our webinar on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams does not support BCC so your e-mail may be visible to other attendees.

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