Training Videos


Training Videos that entertain, inspire and educate

There are four elements to making a training film: identification of the problem or issue, creating the solution, explanation as to how and why that solution works with reassurance and then checking for staff/trainee understanding through interactivity. Find out more about how we can help you to improve your training provision here.

Latest Training Video Work

Dixons Carphone Training Software Demo

Dixons Carphone Drama Reconstruction

UKAS - World Accreditation Day Animation

Why Choose Us?

Whatever your budget, whatever the purpose, Solutions will produce a great video that’ll give you a real commercial advantage. Our crew are ex-BBC, creative, charming, clever and hardworking. We’ll take time to understand your requirement and make sure you get exactly what you want.

We understand working on a video is an intensely personal experience for both you and us. You’ll like us and we’ll make sure you have fun.

Corporate Video Packages

As well as making bespoke videos, Solutions also offer three corporate video packages. It could not be easier to find the perfect project specification for your company. Each of our packages include the same thorough planning and high standards ensuring there is a packaging to suit your every need

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