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Installing an automatic temperature monitoring system is quick and easy. Our contactless thermal cameras are self-contained. Simply plug and play. All they need is power. We don’t need anything from your IT team. We’ll do everything for you.


In short we have three types of the body temperature system – wrist, body, and turnstile. Price and specifications vary from product to product but in general terms the price reflects the capacity and speed of the equipment. In addition, the cost will be dependant on the ancillary equipment that you might need –stands, monitors, routers, installation, etc. However, we can always find a solution that works for your needs and budget.

Wrist Temperature Camera

Our entry-level system. To take a temperature someone simply puts their wrist close to the camera and it will give you their temperature.


Our best seller. An elegant, easy to use facial recognition camera that takes a temperature in less than a second by simply looking at the camera.


This thermal camera is designed for very high throughput. Everyone’s body temperature is instantly scanned as they walk through the turnstile.


Our range of thermal cameras automatically checks the temperature of anyone entering your workplace. They will also check whether someone is wearing a mask. If someone has an elevated temperature or fever, there is an audio and a visual alert. We will also send an alert to your app and email. An online portal provides powerful reporting tools on all temperature data. Our system is self-contained. We provide routers and data sims so you do need any of your internal resources to implement this system. It is quick, elegant, and very easy to use.

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