Time Lapse Photography

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Experienced, professional and reliable team that deliver high quality time lapse solutions every time

Whatever size your project, whether it is construction, civil engineering, events or sports, we offer everything involved in time lapse photography. You can come to us for the complete project, or just the parts you need. Simply give us a call and we’ll do the rest. Absolutely everything. No fuss. No drama. Just a professional time lapse system installed and working within days.

Design Film Digital Solutions Time Lapse Photography
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Why Choose Us?

Solutions have years of experience working with time lapse photography. Mostly, we have learnt that every project is unique. So we listen to you and understand what you want. We’ll offer advice but never force solutions on you.

What we promise is that we’ll offer you a sensible, cost effective solution that works in the real world and that it’ll be delivered on time and within budget


    • 4K UHD, 4G Cloud Time Lapse Camera, 109° Lens
    • 4G M2M SIM
    • Password protected portal to view images in real time
    • Cloud storage for all images
    • Time lapse video


    • It could not be easier
    • We do a recce
    • Agree camera location
    • Install
    • View images on your portal
    • Er…that’s it.


    • Camera is powered over Ethernet
    • Power source can be 100m from camera
    • 4G signal
    • Great location
    • Camera is weather proof


    • Quite simply
    • We’ll do everything
    • We’re accredited
    • We’re insured
    • We’re professional
    • And most of all, we’re safe

Email us on info@solutions.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0203 1742575